Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Of All, A Devo Themed Bike.

The Infamous Chad has been busting his ass putting together this awesome showcase who's proceeds will go to the Livestrong Foundation. Besides the bands, there will also be art on display from local artists for sale, and the above DEVO themed bike (donated by the band!) will be auctioned off.

It's all going down Saturday, March 21st @ SXSV Headquarters.

In the meantime, this Saturday they will be hosting a Wine And Cheese Tasting Party.

TWERPS Manuals In Hungarian.

This is kind of a sequel to my previous article about TWERPS, The World's Easiest Role Playing System. I sent scans of the original manual and the ROBOPUNKS expansion manual to the young parson who commented in that article, and now I have two PDFs of the raw text translated into Hungarian.

Not sure what to do with them, so for now, here they are:

Original Manual (Hungarian)

ROBOPUNKS Manual (Hungarian)

(Keep in mind, none of the charming original illustrations are included in these PDFs, just the raw text translated into Hungarian. I'm under the impression that since it's just a translation and nobody's trying to make any money off this, that it's fair use; but I may be wrong. Not trying to do anything illegal.)

200 Posts!

First, Bacon Robots.

Then, Nintendope's hilarious retelling of the plot of The Wizard that makes me want to watch it again.

And a short film about Brian Burke and his encounter with the greatest video game ever made:

Lastly, a short announcement. I'm gonna be adding some new writers to this blog. Make the appeal a little broader. I can only rely on Bacon Hypnosis so much.