Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chiptunes And Legwarmers (Part 3) Now With Sweatbands!

Some live footage of Happysucky... Four words- Eight-Bit Blitzkrieg Bop

Chip is the new punk.

Chiptunes And Legwarmers (Part 2)

Best Fwends - Skate Or Live

Ok, there's no legwarmers in this video, but toe socks work just as well. I first saw these guys @ Awthumfetht 2006, and they blew my mind. I've hit up just about every show they've played since.

I remember a house party I was at with them, the cats from Happysucky, Ben Assacre, and a host of other miscreants where we were all trying to top each other on how versed we were with Hall And Oates's lyrics... then the party got busted by the cops and was relocated to the Metro Station.

Below I've included a British commercial that Bacardi paid them $10,000 for... they have a pretty funny blog on their Myspace page laying out in spreadsheet form what they blew the money on.

Good times.

Chiptunes And Legwarmers (Part 1)

Computadora Feliz - Happy Computer(C64 SID Mashup Remix)

I've been joking since Awthumfetht 2006 that all it takes to make me happy these days is chiptunes and legwarmers.

Leave it to this plucky German band to create what amounts to practically a fetish video made specifically for me =)

Oh and check out the parentheticals on this track -


Aw, yeah.