Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Charming British Guy Doing Terribly At A Bunch Of Turbografx 16 Shmups.

We've peeked into the world of Steve Benway before, and I've finally set aside some time to take a decent tour of his Youtube channel. And boy, did I not set aside enough time. With 614 videos on just his main channel, he is quite the busy retro-gamer. Becoming familiar with the charmingly self-effacing "watch me play very badly" style of his gaming videos, I resolved with no small bit of schadenfreude to open this post with a vid of him tackling what is admittedly one of the most difficult games on my favorite video game system. The Turbografx 16 actually has several nail-bitingly difficult shooters and, God bless him, he jumps right in and plays them anyway. You can see the results here.

Beat My High Score: Mooninite Marauders W/ Meatwad Still Alive.

So yeah, Mooninite Marauders is a pretty old-ass game, but I decided to take it on in a direction I hadn't pursued before. If you've ever played it, you know it's a pretty good idea to sacrifice Meatwad at the beginning, because he sucks (his shots are single and slow) and is replaced by the far superior Master Shake (who has the awesome triple-shotgun).

Well, now I've been trying to see how far I can make it while toughing it out to keep lame-ass Meatwad alive. If you think you have the patience, I'd like to see how you do.

Current High Score: 49650 at Mooninite Maurauders w/ Meatwad Still Alive