Monday, September 28, 2009

Kutiman - This Is What It Becomes

Kutiman is awesome. All his Youtube videos are of songs created by cutting up other Youtube videos of people doing solo performances and rearranging them in amazing ways. This dub-reggae track is one of my favorites.

The Professor Brothers - The T.A. Interview

Man, I love Brad Neely. But what are you gonna do, little dog?

My Cracked Topic Page For "Nightmare On Elm Street"

I recently scored co-editor gig on the Cracked Topic Page for Nightmare On Elm Street, and have managed to buff it to a nice shine. I'm still touching it up, but the writing part of it is complete.

My other topic pages:

Industrial Music
Garbage Pail Kids

And for good measure, here's my Cracked writer profile.

My New Favorite Photoblog

This is the photoblog of comedian Julia Segal, who has an uncanny knack of finding the greatest freakin pictures on the internet. Seriously, perusing this site has become part of my daily inspiration-gathering routine.

Odd Names For Animal Groupings

Here is an article on the official names for dozens of animal groupings.