Sunday, September 5, 2010

Every Video Game Reference In The Scott Pilgrim Movie.

From OC Weekly.

ZOMG - Let's Play Clash At Demonhead

Zo My God (or however you pronounce that), this edition of Let's Play where they tackle Clash At Demonhead is awesome.

Rowan Atkinson As Marc Almond

A cute vid of Roan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) impersonating Marc Almond from Soft Cell.

Machete Race War - Glenn Beck Was Developed To Counter Alex Jones

Aw, shuggidty duggity.

On Alex Jones' show Sunday, he elaborates how he was offered Glenn Beck's job and quotes from "The Overton Window". Man, do I ever hope this turns into a thing. I'd love to see this feud escalate.

Oh, and something about a race war.