Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eamon Adventurer's Guild - Archive Of Classic All-Text Adventures

If you recognize the above dragon, you likely remember Eamon, the revolutionary classic all-text role-playing game adventure series. It was awesome because it was the first one where you could create a character, and transfer said character to one of over 250 published games. In the same afternoon, your charachter could chase pirates through a musty cave, hunt alligators for bounty in a sewer, and then fight alongside the main characters through the major plot points of Tolkein's The Hobbit! As well as the characters themselves, some items, weapons and spells were transferrable, meaning (if you survived long enough) you could be slaughtering orcs with a shotgun!

The above archive contains the vast majority of the games, several of which are lovingly translated to several platforms (the original Eamon series was made on, and for, the Apple ][ computer system). It also includes tons of information, and even a few walkthroughs!

Me, I'ma go hunt some alligators...

Cool Java Applett That Mimics Classic Apple 2 Program

The above picture links to a cool Java applett; a replication of the classic Applesoft Basic Demo program called "Brian's Theme", created by Brian Howard in 1980. It came free on a disk with the Apple ][. I spent entirely too much of my childhood watching that program unfold, over and over. Man, this brings back memories =)

Free Classic Sierra On-Line Games From The Author Himself!

Al Lowe, most famous as the creator of the "Leisure Suit Larry" franchise, has placed the majority of the back-catalogue of his Sierra On-Line games (including Black Cauldron and Softporn Adventure) on his website as free downloads. He also includes some interesting anecdotal tidbits about each game as well.

Welcome Lyska!

Pending the technical difficulties of continuing to figure out precisely how to do it, this site will soon be featuring posts by the awesome Lyska also. As well as being one of the first people I met to own as many or more vintage video games as I, she's also a fellow self-published comic book artist as well as former fellow mohawk and multiple lip-piercing haver.


Star-Studded Amiga 2000 Commercial

A late-80s commercial for the Amiga 2000 featuring Tommy Lasorda, several NASA astronauts, The Pointer Sisters, and Tip O'Neill. Background music sound familiar? It's from the "Goonies" soundtrack. Strangely enough, they used that track in several Amiga commercials, including the following:

Indeed Steevie, you are a rodent.