Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Less Than Three John Cusack.

So it wasn't an April Fools prank, or an exaggeration. John Cusack, my lifelong man-crush, is currently a guest blogger on Boing Boing. His first article, "The Beat Of The Future", narrates his experience witnessing the "Up With People" halftime show at Superbowl XX while on shrooms. This is definitely starting out on the right foot; looking forward to more from him. *swoon*

Barack Obama Looking At Awesome Things.

A kickass Flickr photo set created in response to A History of Barack Obama Feigning Interest In Mundane Things. When I was ten years old, this is exactly what I imagined being president would be like.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In The Cards...

Just wanted to weigh in with a pile of playing-card based websites that have come to my attention. Above is the most recent archive of my personal playing/tarot card collection. Here is a Flickr set depicting a charming vintage 1950s sci-fi card game called Space-O.

Here is a Russian set of playing cards with distinctively Mayan artwork.

And here is a really cool Flickr photo set of Japanese monster-themed Pachi cards.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Might As Well Shut Down The Internet, Thanks To 'Trololo' Cat.

Seriously. 'Trololo' Cat is just about the greatest thing ever.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old Thing/Favorite Thing: Let's Play Crystalis

Okay, it's not the funniest Let's Play (which would either be the legendary Oregon Trail, or personal favorite Princess Tomato In The Salad Kingdom). Maybe it's just because I love the game itself so much. Maybe it's because it has 23 chapters. Maybe I'm just thinking too hard about why Let's Play: Crystalis is my new favorite thing ever right at this moment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Internet, On Acid.

I have no idea what the deal is, but articles regarding LSD have been popping up everywhere on the internet lately. It's not any anniversary I'm aware of. It's not the anniversary of the first synthesis of LSD (November 16, 1938), nor the first test of LSD (April 16, 1943). It's nowhere near Albert Hoffman's birthday (January 11, 1906) or even Abbie Hoffman's birthday (November 30, 1936). I don't get it.

Oh well. Buy the ticket, take the ride. Of course neither this blog or any contributor endorses or condones the illegal use of drugs and wouldn't have any idea where to get them if they did. With that said, however, looks like it's down the rabbit hole.

Here's excerpts from a National Geographic special on LSD. Get a load of that Gatorade bottle(!) in the first clip. Holee shit. Here's and article on Cary Grant, and his love for LSD. Here's a recent article from Buzzfeed titled '3 Myths and 8 True Stories About LSD', the first "fact" of which is debatable in it's veracity. My favorites from that article include this study of an artist asked to do several portraits of the researcher at different stages of an acid trip, and of course the Dock Ellis cartoon. Have a safe trip, my friends.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zombies At The Dollar Tree?

Quagmar, one of the modrators on the Cracked forum, has entered a contest from Dollar Tree. The theme was to write a short piece explaining why you enjoy shopping there. His submission was this, a funny bit of zombie microfiction. I thought it was cute and funny, so I figured I'd do my part to promote it and wrangle up a few more votes for him.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here's A Video And A Rant. Free Of Charge.

Ack. So much to do. Well, SXSW is officially in progress all around me right now. Have a gig tonight @ Plush (7:45PM, if ya wanna attend) as part of the 10th Annual Yeast By Sweet Beast experimental music showcase. After we play, my attention will be torn between the rest of that show and a private Game Programmer party going on a few blocks away. Then tomorrow is Awthumfetht, Synth By Synthwest, and Datapop 3.0. And through all of this I'm still trying to find a job.


Well, at least most of my stress is from the awesomeness surrounding me. Could be worse. Speaking of awesome, here's a video I put together for Destroyed For Comfort. It features me and my synth player, Foetus Envy, in various stages of 8-bitness.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gritty Reboot In The Works.

I have finally returned to survey my once-mighty dork empire, only to find it in ruins. This will not do. Expect some serious changes soon; new contributors, a change in voice, stuff like that. We'll get this machine moving again soon. Thanks for sticking around.