Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fast Food: Ads Versus Reality.

An oldie but a goodie, Jeff from The West Virginia Surf Report shows what fast food items look like in ads, contrasted with what one's he recently purchased looked like.

You should flip around on his site, there's plenty of funny stuff. Of note are his hilarious reviews of over-hyped fast-food menu items, and his hilarious interpretation of the "treatment affects" of the drug Alli.

If you've got a really strong stomach, you could also check out his infamous telling of the macaroni and beef situation.

Ronald McMugen.

What's that you say? That video isn't holy-crap crazy enough for ya? Well get a load of this-

A little bit of Hatsume Miku thrown in the mix for good measure =)

Ready for a third round? Here's Ronald vs. Colonel Sanders.

WTF Is Going On Here? - Part 4.

A mashup of just about every NES game ever released. This is totally awesome. I'm still recovering.

8-Bit A-Team.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Gun's N Roses Demand Apology From Dr. Pepper.

Apparently the Dr. Pepper campaign offering free soda if GNR released 'Chinese Democracy' in 2008 backfired in a big way.

I was looking for an up to date version of the story, but the "Chinese Democracy When?" blog has apparently shut itself down to only invited guests.

WTF Is Going On Here? - Part 3

Your guess is as good as mine...