Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dan The Norseman Reviews The Turbografx 16.

Wish the dude had more games, but this cat solved a problem I'd had for forever. Didn't realize you could hitch an RF cable to the TG-16 a la C64 or an Atari 2600. The RF boxes that came with the TG16 were crap; I've personally got half a dozen spares lying around.

However, Bonk itself is a good enough reason to own a TG-16. It's a brilliant, original platformer. If they had ever made a sequel that was worth a crap, they could have had the longevity of Sonic, before that franchise went to crap too.

Inside Edition Covering The Mario Brothers.

F*ck it, we're doing it live. There is nothing about this video that is not awesome. I WISH I would have scored a game counselor job at Nintendo back in the day. Oh, and witness the most glorious mullet you've ever seen in your life @ 3:15.

I love that the dude playing the game totally dies after killing the Hammer Bros just seconds before.