Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wikipedia's List Of Websites That Respond To The "Konami Code".

We have a feeling each and every one of you will be unable to resist checking out this list of websites that respond to the "Konami Code".

M.U.S.C.L.E. Revisited - I-Mockery Gives Names To 233 Of Them.

In this article, RoG from I-Mockery goes through and makes up names for 233 M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, who were apparently nameless save for the leaders: Muscleman and Terri-Bull.

Me And My Brother Discuss The Music Of Mega Man 2

Yesterday, the following conversation transpired between my brother and I regarding the music of Mega Man 2, a childhood favorite. There may have been some drinking involved.

My Brother: Crank up Bubble Man's music first.

Me: Aw come on, everybody says they love Bubble Man's music. It's overrated.

My Brother: What, has it gone too mainstream for you or something? Did you like it better back when it had indie appeal? Fine; I remember Flash Man's music being cool, crank that up.

Me: Um, no.

My Brother: Yeah. Um, no. Wait, let's let it play until the breakdown... Um, no. Wait, I was probably thinking that I liked Flash Man's weapon the best, not the music. Try Quick Man.

My Brother: THIS is what I was thinking of when I was trying to remember Flash Man's music. This is more like it.

Me: This IS better... it almost has some sort of Latin groove to it. Like a bossanova or something.

My Brother: Yeah, something like that.

Me: I have no idea what a bossanova sounds like.

My Brother: Me neither. Try Heat Man.

My Brother: This is cool. Remember how we used to make cassettes of video game music to play in our walkmans on the bus?

Me: Yeah.

My Brother: Man, we were dorks.

Me: Yeah.

Me: Hey, there's the Wood Man theme.

Me: This is pretty cool (imitates hi-hat rhythm with his mouth). I just know this wound up on one of my video game mixtapes.

My Brother: What about Air Man?

Me: Ouch. That sounds awful. Not even nostalgia makes me like this.

(similar thoughts are expressed regarding Crash Man and Metal Man's theme.)

Me: Fine. Let's check out the Bubble Man theme.

Me: Fine, you win. This is really cool, and likely the best music in the game.

My Brother: Told you.