Monday, October 13, 2008

Death By 8-Bit Zombie

The infamous "Death By Zombie" ending from the game "Uninvited"; the NES and Atari ST versions.

123456 POKEMON! New Lemon Demon Song!

Holy crap this song is still making me chuckle! And I totally approve of the newest addition of 8-bit crunch to the multi-layer 4 cheese lasagna that is the music of Lemon Demon.

Man am I going to be tormenting my friends and loved ones with lines from this track in the next couple of days...

In case you've never heard of Neil Cicierega (aka Lemon Demon), he's the guy that, at 15 years old, invented the video technique/genre Animutation, and before he turned 20 releasd a track ("The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny") that became the #1 hit on The Dr.Demento Show for that year (video below).