Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The LOLCat Bible.

Well. I guess it was inevitable. Here is an ongoing wiki project to translate the Bible into LOLCat. I thought I could say more, but to tell the truth I'm a little stunned. Have fun.

100 Commodore 64 Games In 10 Minutes!

Great fun video that lives up to it's moniker. LOTS of familiar titles in there... Last Ninja I and II, Defender Of The Crown, Archon, Giana Sisters, and there's even an Ultima thrown in there for good measure!

Apparently this guy opened up a Pandora's box with this one... I already see some new spin-off videos "Over 100 of the Best Commodore 64 Games", and "100 MORE Commodore 64 Games". I'm gonna check them out and come up with fun comparative reviews to post soon!

By the way, isn't that track during the first third of the video great? It's a remixed version of the theme from the C64 game "Flimbo's Quest"... Here's a vid of a guy playing the theme on 3 guitars and a bass. Shweet!