Thursday, August 5, 2010

Main Street Has The Scariest Rape Vans.

Worst Rape-Van Ever.

If you'd like your eyes and mind raped, you should check out Main Street Bites Back, home of the completely serious and holy shit they're not joking Glen Beck 2012 headquarters. I'm sure there's words and stuff involved, but I got distracted playing with the creepy automated Robo-bama on the front page:


Also, there's this:

The VP Of Human Resources At NBC Bought Something From Me On eBay.

So, I was going through my Paypal preparing some recent eBay sales for shipping and came across this transaction-

Does that name look familiar? Not to me either, but when I looked at the shipping address, I flipped out. Assuming it had to be a scam of some sort, I did a Google search to confirm and found this-

In case you're curious, this was the item purchased:

Pretty cool stuff.

EPILOGUE: I dropped a note in the package with my name and email address and said if there was anything cool on the film I'd love to hear about it. I got a email back saying that it was bought for decorative purposes and that restoration may not happen. The End. Maybe.

Political Cartoon Fail.

I can only infer from this comic strip that California's courts are gonna force all the voters to marry that dude from the old Aerosmith video-

I mean, it's the only thing in the strip not ham-fistedly labeled, so I assume I'm free to add my own interpretation. Not so much with this one tho-

I like how one guy is labeled "Gay" and the other is labeled "Marriage". Is it just me or is "Marriage" actually the more nelly-looking of the two? A little bit of unintentional subtext there?

Maybe there is more too it than meets the eye.

I've Been Searching My Whole Life For My Ideal Soul Mart.

Who knew I'd find it in Google Maps.

Bah dum bum pish.