Thursday, October 15, 2009

Awesome Techno Riff Performed On Two C64s.

The one on the right is using MSSIAH, a MIDI controller for the Commodore 64. The one on the left is using a Cynthcart, a synth cartridge for the C64 (which I own and enjoy playing with immensely).

Monsterpiece Theater - "Twin Beaks"

A surprisingly spot-on parody of Twin Peaks from Sesame Street.

Meow Synth - Cat-Based VST Synth For Windows.

I like the idea of a "Meow Envelope".

Meow Synth

How To Levitate Like An Ancient Yoga Master.


Acapella Performance Of Toto's "Africa".

Just the acapella "rainstorm" was cool enough... Performance by Perpetuum Jazille.