Tuesday, December 16, 2008

50 Feet Of Color-TV Wire!

Found this at Goodwill Blue Hangar a while back. My girlfriend at the time, who was 26, was like "Color TV Wire? What do you use this for?".

She had absolutely no idea what it was used for. Odds were pretty likely she never had to set up a classic pair of "rabbit-ears" antennae, or was too young to remember.

It was such a strange object to set up such a noticeable rift in age (we're only 5 years apart!) I had to pick it up. The End =)

Welcome To The Obsolete Hardware Website!

The Obsolete Hardware Website... Wow. what a great resource. A virtual online museum of the early 80s home computer boom. To give you some scope, check out this page, where they arrange photos of all 100 computers together, where you can experience the diversity in design. It's great fun, and includes hardware I never knew existed, like the sexy little number below.

NSFW: Warcraft Dwarf Player Catches Two Elves Cyber-Sexing In Tram Tunnel.

YAR YAR HUMP HUMP! - an amusing first person account of a Warcrafter catching two other players role-playing humping in the Deeprun Tram. It's NSFW, but it's PG, and pretty damn funny.

Admin Note (05/2010): It appears the original classic tale of "Yar Yar Hump Hump" is no more. Or it's at least stashed away on some WoW forum thread I absolutely do not care enough to chase down. What's that you say? You want a link to a webcomic fanfic of the WoW fanfic? Because you're obviously an incredibly terrible person? Suit yourself.

Wake 'N' Bacon, A Homebrew Bacon-Based Alarm Clock.

Instead of harshly jarring you awake with an alarm, the Wake N Bacon alarm clock gently nudges you awake with the smell of fresh-cooked bacon, via two halogen lamps inside that slow cook the bacon, starting 10 minutes before you intend to awake.

Onion A.V. Club Taste-Tests Bacon Infused Vodka.

"It tastes like I'm having a stroke."

One of many colorful reactions the Onion A.V. Club had to the taste of bacon-infused vodka (not currently on the market, but they explain how to make it in the article).

You'd be pretty severely limited to what you could mix it with, but they cobbled together a drink called the BLTini that actually sounded kinda tasty.

Dorktastic Photos Of The 1984 Atari 2600 Swordquest:Fireworld Championship.

Here is a site containing a brief summary and scans of pictures from the Championship Competition for the Atari 2600 game Swordquest Fireworld, including pics of the winner Michael Rideout with his prize, the chalice. Apparently the photos were discovered in a random shoebox of Atari games found in a thrift store.