Monday, August 10, 2009

11 Old School Nintendo Tricks Permanently Burned Into Our Brains.

This is a most excellent post from 11 Points that includes the classic NES tricks we will never be able to forget.

Say after me... Up, Up, Down, Down, Left...

Happy News.

Perhaps in a bit of penance for my previous vaguely mean-spirited post, I present Happy News, a newsblog that promises to always provide positive, uplifting stories. Kind of like if Fark was only allowed to post under the "Sappy", "Spiffy", "Cute", and "Hero" tags.

Drunk People In Yoga Positions.

A bit more mean-spirited than stuff we usually post on Dorkstuff, but this is a short post on the Fun Tuna blog where pictures of the uncomfortable positions of passed-out drunks are compared to actual Yoga positions.

Tape 606 - Free Stuff

This is the link to the page on the Goldbaby Productions site where they have all the free goodies, including the infamous "Tape 606" sample bank (classic samples from the Roland TR606 recorded onto tape and then re-sampled as .WAVs, giving a bit of a low-fi flavor to them). Enjoy.

Is Fight Club A Sequel To Calvin And Hobbes?

Prepare for some weirdness kids. In this strange essay from Metaphilm, the elements and charachters of the film Fight Club are re-arranged and lain side-by-side with elements of the classic 1980s comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Not sure if I'm sold on the idea, but it was a fun read.

Dungeon Master Of The Rings.

DM Of The Rings reimagines the Lord Of The Rings movies, as played by a bunch of role-players that had somehow never heard of the Tolkein series, using stills from the movies. Pretty funny stuff.

Awful Library Books

Awful Library Books is a review blog by a very brave couple that peruses their local library for strange and (frequently) truly awful books.

There, I Fixed It.

There, I Fixed It is a photoblog documenting, how shall we put it, "creative" solutions to engineering problems, such as the above homebrew camper-trailer.

Atlas Obscura - A Compendium Of The Worlds Wonders, Curiosities, and Esoterica.

Atlas Obscura is, basically, a collection of reports of oddities and strangeness from all over the world; sort of a "Ripley's Believe It (Or Not)", but without the "(Or Not)".

Two Websites That Celebrate The Cheeseburger.

The above pic links to the aptly named, which offers recipes, stories, and games(?) that are all about the burger.

In case you wanted something more intense, you could always visit the Cheese and Burger Society's website, which chronicles 30 of the greatest burgers ever ma... wait, is that Patrick freakin' Warburton?

Tiny Kitten Teeth

Tiny Kitten Teeth is a gorgeous, adorable webcomic done in ink and watercolor giving it a retro late-50s/early-60s vibe. Unfortunately, it looks like they haven't updated it in a while, but hopefully that will change.

Rotate 13 Dot Com

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Writing Effective Sales Copy To Increase Your Sales.

Just click here, you idiot.

Pokemon With Human Faces

A project by a member of Threadless, wherein he drew all the original series Pokemon with human faces. Pretty creepy stuff.

Faces In Places

A really fun photo-blog where human face-like arrangements are found in the strangest of places.