Friday, August 15, 2008

Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones fooling around with a Fairlight CMI

Insanely Thorough (And Maybe Thoroughly Insane) Blog About Steven King's "The Shining".

I'll have to admit, after reading the first post, I became obsessed with this blog. It points out timecodes, repeated and altered images and numbers, and differences between the movie and book that may actually have been intentional. That kind of stuff always catches my attention.

It's really cool, but then gets weird really quickly.

Unfortunately, the synopsis the author comes to totally lost me. I won't ruin the surprise, but when he revealed what he believed the whole movie comes down to, the whole point Stanley Kubrik was supposedly trying to convey, I felt dejected and a little silly.

Those that know me in real life (or at least on Myspace) may have already read my blog which opens with an imaginary dialectic with this guy.

Just to warn ya, some of the images are NSFW.

List Of Premature Obituaries (Wikipedia)

A very long (yet still incomplete) list of all celebrities whose deaths were prematurely reported in the (sometimes major) news media of the time period. The above is the CNN website's obit of Dick Cheney, identifying him as the "UK's favorite grandmother".

The things you don't find out about people until after they're gone...

The Goblin King Grants Milton A Stapler

Oldie but goodie. Click on the image to see it with sound.

Not Cool, Homestar.

Homestar + NEDM = Dork-Core.

Click on the pic to see it with sound.

Too Awesome For Words.

(I'm withholding any introduction to not ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn't seen this video before. Trust me, it's awesome.)

Butch Deadlift! Flint Ironstag! Blast Hardcheese! Crunch Buttsteak!

Classic MST3K.

A Photographic Study Of Myspace

This profile is practically a work of art. I can't imagine how much work this guy put into it, scouring the inter-tubes and collecting tragically bad tattoos, depressing Glamour shots, and WAY too many guys with broadswords...

Good times.