Sunday, September 7, 2008

Junker Headquarters - Your Source For All Things Snatcher

This site is an invaluable resource for fans of the Konami "digital comic" adventure game "Snatcher", with full translation for the original MSX release, to resources and trivia regarding the later (PC-8801, TG Super CD2 (which I own), as well as Sega CD, Sega Saturn, and Playstation) releases. Also covers related material, which is surprisingly extensive.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, the plotline is kind of a hybrid of "Terminator" and "Blade Runner", but darker and viscerally creepier. You play as a hunter of "Snatcher" cyborgs that literally steal the skin of their victims in order to disguise themselves. The game contains some of the most legendary examples of video game gore ever, including a game over scene deleted from every American translation. Awesome.

The Manhunter Shrine: Source For All Things Manhunter

The great souce of screenshots, walkthroughs and trivia for the incomplete "Manhunter" series of computer games from Sierra On-Line. A series of games created by these guys-

If that does not convince you of the awesomeness of this wicked post-apocalyptic "They Live"-style conspiracy noir series of adventure games, then I don't know what will.

In the first two legendary games, "Manhunter: New York" and "Manhunter: San Francisco", the world has been hijacked by nefarious aliens known as "Orbs" that immediately turn the human race into cattle. The tracking disks the implant into the necks of all people do not work as well as planned, and can only reveal the location and not the identity of the person they are implanted in. Not to mention the fact that a group of rebels has fled underground, dropping off the grid entirely. Without knowing exactly why, you are selected as a Manhunter, tracking those that have attempted to evade surveilance...

Clash At Demonhead Playset!

Collection of funny flash videos featuring recurring characters from Clash At Demonhead, the greatest video game ever made for any system ever.

Many, arguably the best ones, are very NSFW. So be warned.

Take The Virtue Test From Ultima 4 Thru 9

This website re-enacts the classic into sequence from the "Avatar" arc of the Ultima computer game series, with music and everything. I tend to wind up a ranger when I answer honestly.

I Hacked The Illuminati - Telepathically!

What can I say? It brought a smile to my face =)

A tasty bit of over-the-top conspiracy-based absurdity.

Conspiracy Theory Rock!

Hilarious, brilliant cartoon Robert Smigel managed to sneak into Saturday Night Live in the late 90s. It was edited out of reruns of the same episode. Awesome stuff!