Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PUG FIGHT: Great Thing Or Greatest Thing?

This, my friends, is Pug Fight. A brutal glimpse into the cruel world of underground pug fighting. You will never be the same after viewing this, but you may find yourself with a new hat.

John Cheese Shows Off His Ghost Hunting Prowess.

Looks like John Cheese is going at the ghost hunting thing solo for a little while. If you don't know who John Cheese is, amongst other badassery he's the 'John' from the book John Dies At The End, which you should totally go out and buy. Right now. I'll include an Amazon link, just in case you're agoraphobic.

He's also recently started a new site, Trucker Logic. Only has a few articles up so far, but they're funny. So is this video, where Cheese uses his experience in ghost hunting (and maybe a dose of soy sauce) to debunk some famous viral ghost videos.

I have to admit, however, that I was sorta hoping a new video in the JDatE Youtube channel meant that another round of the Alternative Reality Game was beginning. This is good too, tho.

John Dies at the End