Saturday, September 4, 2010

When I Die, I'm Sure My Last Moments Will Play Out Like A Game Of BLASTER.

This is BLASTER:

This is the plot of BLASTER:

This is part of the DMT-like experience of BLASTER:

As you travel down the never-ending spiral of madness that is BLASTER:

Seriously; as my death rattle gurgles out and my brain releases that final dose of DMT, I am convinced my soul will be released into a never-ending game of BLASTER.

Current high score: 128510 on BLASTER.

WTF 20: Well Isn't This Special.

Wow. This takes on so many different flavors of WTF, it's practically the Neapolitan ice cream of the genre.

Bonus: Carmelldansen

Billy Big Bang Blitz From Clash At Demonhead Cameo In Scott Pilgrim Game.

You can see him starting at the two minute mark, with the blue hair and gun. This was found via a Youtube profile devoted to the character.

Gauntlet: The Third Encounter.

Never thought of or even heard of this game before Engadget made the claim that the Android logo was ganked from it, but it looks super fun.

Well, except for the fact that apparently you had to hold the system sideways to play it.

Holy crap that looks frustrating.

Spirit Hoods Totally Stole My Fucking Idea.

These are Spirit Hoods:

Anyone that came to this site more than a few weeks ago might remember my old Blogger profile photo:

That's a pic of me from a house party somewhere around Halloween 2006. I made that hat from a beach towel I found at a thrift store. You can't see it, but it even has little paws dangling from it. Now, I'm not gonna flat out say that they stole my idea, but...

Oh wait, I already did. In the title even. They stole my fucking idea.

Fuck you Spirit Hoods.

Oh well, inb4 Hipster.