Thursday, August 14, 2008

Joe Is Dead.

A super-cool scene from "Clash At Demonhead", the coolest game made for any video game system EVAR.

Legend Of Zelda Theme On Theremin

OK, so I'm on a bit of a Zelda kick lately. But this is a really cool video.

Difference Between Japanese And English "Zelda II: Adventure Of Link"

This cool video shows 12 major differences between the Japanese and English versions of "Legend Of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link". It shows Japanese footage first and then English footage (in order of release date)

1) The elevator speeds are drastically different.
2) Battle music for bosses is different and notice the Japanese boss roars.
3) No Gannon in the Japanese game over, just roaring.
4) Only one head comes of in the Japanese version, and the helmet clanks on the ground in the US version.
5) Clean-Up of the way this boss dies.
6) In the US version, these creatures can only be killed by fire.
7) In the Japanese version, the lost child is in a cage.
8) The sound effects for talking and magic are very different. Plus the Japanese wizard has no animation.
9) The wizard boss looks very different.
10) Gooma is missing in the Japanese version; instead you fight Helmet guy again.
11) Japanese- Horseguy guards the false wall in Temple 5 - English- Horseguy removed and now just normal blue Ironknuckle.
12) The dragon boss Barba is totally different in both games, and the Japanese version roars.

Video Of A Glitching Broken NES "Legend Of Zelda" That Looks Atari-Like

The video is pretty neat, but listening to these two guys talk is VERY LIKELY (not just maybe) the dorkiest thing you'll experience today.

"Manhunter: San Francisco" Authentic Sierra Online Promotional Trailer, 1989