Friday, July 10, 2009

Fred Durst Guitar Solo - The Four Saddest Words Ever

WTF Is Going On Here 7 - Killer Lampshade

(Possibly NSFW due to some disembodied boobs later on in the video.)

Apparently this is a scene from the 1977 Japanese Horror Movie "Hausu". You got screaming cats, blood fountains, dismbodied body parts, and a carnivorous lampshade. What more do you need? Except for maybe an explanation of wtf just happened.

Without You - Mark Gormley

Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Gormley. You can thank me later.

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A Couple Of Fireworks-Based Videos About A Week Late.

I have yet to have someone explain to me what those things they are using in the above video are, but they are really awesome. Probably illegal here in the US tho. Boo.

And here's an obligatory firework screw-up video (NSFW for language).

Destino - A Collaboration Between Disney And Dali.


In case they shut down the above full-length video, I'll include the trailer below.