Monday, September 1, 2008

Check Out This Scary Lunatic

"It's Great - I Can Watch My Stuff While Driving"

Yeah, glad to know you can still hear the traffic and what-not, buddy. I was rear-ended full-speed one time at a stoplight and my car was flung into on-coming traffic by a teenage girl who was distracted when her flip-flop fell off...

And here you are-

At night.
Watching Video.
And Filming Yourself Doing It.

Yeah. That's a great idea.

21st century Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This post I consider in high form of minutiae worship, as it was inspired not from an article, but from the comment thread of an article.

This article from Boing Boing included an entrertaining discussion in the comment thread on a re-vamped list of wedding anniversary gifts for the 21st century. I've compiled and edited the list, as well as inserted a few new ones of my own-

1st Anniversary - His/Hers Identity Theft
2nd Anniversary - His/Hers RIAA Lawsuit
3rd Anniversary - His/Hers Tasers/Tasering
4th Anniversary - His/Hers Foreclosures
5th Anniversary - His/Hers No-Fly Lists
6th Anniversary - His/Hers Dickcopters
7th Anniversary - Addition To House To Include A Protest Zone
8th Anniversary - Visit From The Technoviking
9th Anniversary - His/Hers New Orleans Refugee (2008 model, not 2005)
10th Anniversary - His/Hers Rubber Bigfoot