Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have A Totally Anime Thanksgiving From The Year 20X6.

Monday's Short On Homestar Runner is pretty cool. It's a special involving the 20X6 versions of the characters learning how to give thanks, while simultaneously cramming in every single stock anime technique in existence.

Keep an eye out for the tractor decked out like Kaneda's motorcycle from Akira, and the American Dragon Ball Z parody ending.

8-Bit Vanilla Sky (With River City Ransom Sprites!).

Most of the time, I feel like I'm the only one left that still likes the movie "Vanilla Sky".

And we all know how I feel about River City Ransom, god amongst mere video games.

Here is a video that collides River City Ransom with Vanilla Sky, and creates a sandwich made of awesome.

Funeral For An X-Box 360.

This link was sent to me by my Myspace friend Monica McCoy. It's of the funeral tiggerboy from Gamespot UK performed for his X-Box 360. Pretty cute.

Whoa is that a Virtual Boy? I've only seen one of those in my life, and it was a store demo I fooled around with when I was 15. It gave me a headache.

It's also cool that he included a Sega with a 32X AND a Master System converter in the slot. Forwards AND backwards compatibility represented!