Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How To Sound Like The Knife, From A Dude That Apparently Doesn't Like The Knife All That Much.

Very rarely is a band’s unique sonic character defined by a single effect but honestly, all songwriting and execution aside, there isn’t much that is wholly distinctive about the group insofar as sounds are concerned. The beats aren’t revolutionary and could very well have come from any can of prefab loops. The synth sounds are fairly generic and not treated in any inventive new way. The album itself is fairly quiet by today’s standards, perhaps attributable to a Swedish mastering job.


Student Hides Rickroll In College Paper.

Via Gizmodo.

Time Traveler Caught In Charlie Chaplin Film.

What a nice accent that young man has.

Millimeters Matter - Tiny Catupult Shooting Pies At Bugs.

A tiny catapult shooting pies at bugs. No really.


Via skelter helter's Tumblr.