Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amiga Longplay - Apidya

And when I say long-play... I mean LONG-PLAY. This video is about 45 minutes long.

It's a really great SHMUP, tho, with amazing music, gorgeous stages, and huge, mind-blowing bosses.

And the bonus stages are just nuts. The one at the 4 minute mark, where you are suddenly randomly capturing cherubs and avoiding demons, or at the 15 minute mark, where you traverse the guts of a fish, and then blast him once you come out the other end, and then at the 19 minute mark, where after blasting the giant maggots out of a dead rat you apparently decide to search through it's guts as well... wait, the boss of stage 3-2 is an inexplicable face at the bottom of a Pepsi can?

If you've never seen or heard of this game, I'd reccomend jumping straight to the middle of the video, where you fight the giant doll.

And then the music for the next stage, which could easily have been an Information Society B-Side.

Crazy, crazy game.