Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ann Coulter Used To Be Pretty Cute, In A Dorky Way.

I've seen this pic thrown around on the internet a bit, with various commentary. One thing nobody has pointed out is how absolutely adorable she is. I mean, those cheeks, that turtleneck, that cute little bob haircut, she's in the fencing club for godsakes...

I think I'm totally developing a crush on Ann Coulter, circa 1980 or so. I would totally have invited her out so we could sit across from each other in beanbag chairs, eating french fries and listening to Voices by Hall And Oates with a pair of giant headphones apiece. Her kiss would have been on my list, if you know what I mean.

Well, if I hadn't been like 3 years old when this pic was taken, that is.

We Are Anonymeows. We Are Meow Meow Meow.

Because the internet is made of cats.

Again, from Julia Segal's awesome Tumblr account.

"...But My Friends Call Me The Republican Vampire..."

Oh, man. I miss Mission Hill. Went through and watched a bunch of old episodes recently, and in the process found that the official websites are still up. Here they are, in their awesome Web 1.0 goodness.

Mission Hill Official Site - No shit. Tripod. Remember that?

19th Amendment, Was It The Beginning Of The End For America?

From the brain-geniouses at Free Republic.

"It is sad but true that women are natural liberals. It seems that they have to assure that they have the government and/or a man to look after their needs. It is a bunch of hooey that women wanted equal rights. They wanted extra rights."

There’s a reason why the Dems are called “the mommy party” and the Republicans “the daddy party.”