Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chiptunes And Legwarmers (Part 3) Now With Sweatbands!

Some live footage of Happysucky... Four words- Eight-Bit Blitzkrieg Bop

Chip is the new punk.

Chiptunes And Legwarmers (Part 2)

Best Fwends - Skate Or Live

Ok, there's no legwarmers in this video, but toe socks work just as well. I first saw these guys @ Awthumfetht 2006, and they blew my mind. I've hit up just about every show they've played since.

I remember a house party I was at with them, the cats from Happysucky, Ben Assacre, and a host of other miscreants where we were all trying to top each other on how versed we were with Hall And Oates's lyrics... then the party got busted by the cops and was relocated to the Metro Station.

Below I've included a British commercial that Bacardi paid them $10,000 for... they have a pretty funny blog on their Myspace page laying out in spreadsheet form what they blew the money on.

Good times.

Chiptunes And Legwarmers (Part 1)

Computadora Feliz - Happy Computer(C64 SID Mashup Remix)

I've been joking since Awthumfetht 2006 that all it takes to make me happy these days is chiptunes and legwarmers.

Leave it to this plucky German band to create what amounts to practically a fetish video made specifically for me =)

Oh and check out the parentheticals on this track -


Aw, yeah.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amiga Longplay - Apidya

And when I say long-play... I mean LONG-PLAY. This video is about 45 minutes long.

It's a really great SHMUP, tho, with amazing music, gorgeous stages, and huge, mind-blowing bosses.

And the bonus stages are just nuts. The one at the 4 minute mark, where you are suddenly randomly capturing cherubs and avoiding demons, or at the 15 minute mark, where you traverse the guts of a fish, and then blast him once you come out the other end, and then at the 19 minute mark, where after blasting the giant maggots out of a dead rat you apparently decide to search through it's guts as well... wait, the boss of stage 3-2 is an inexplicable face at the bottom of a Pepsi can?

If you've never seen or heard of this game, I'd reccomend jumping straight to the middle of the video, where you fight the giant doll.

And then the music for the next stage, which could easily have been an Information Society B-Side.

Crazy, crazy game.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gelfling Synth-Pop

"Silent Morning" by Noel.

Funny thing is, I actually really like this song. But the video is hilarious. Noel is one funny looking dude. And check out the fresh dance moves! My favorite part is at the 1:20 mark, where he appears to suck down an entire cigarette in 6 seconds and then launch into a nicotine-derived epileptic fit at the 1:28 mark.

"Must... dance out... my pain on the rooftops!"

Check out the awesome Casio SK-1 solo at the 2:15 mark! Then again at the 4 minute mark!

And the ninja kick at the 3:45 mark! This video is full of win.

Man, does he miss that wispy Samantha Fox look-alike, forever tousling her bangs in the depths of his heart...

Muppet Show - Star Wars Episode - 1980

I totally apologize in advance for this. This is... really awful. Why are all the television promos for the first Star Wars so absolutely godawful? It's not quite as bad as the Christmas Special, but it's pretty close...

Anti-Emo Riots In Mexico... Hare Krishna's Save The Day!

TRUE STORY. Man, the world is frequently much, much weirder than you could ever think possible.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Furby Gurdy

I like how the machine is designed to seem older than it is. And the hand-crank is totally made of win.

16 Colors On One Screen!

Anything more than 8 bits is masturbation. This is my reaction to the Youtube meme of showing off the graphics capabilities of camera phones. I hope the cats that post those videos understand that they've essentially just made advertising that they will not get paid for.

Which is why I fully endorse products that are at least a decade (frequently two!) obsolete.

Turn Your iPod Into A Taser!

This video has spawned a MASSIVE slew of debunkers, and honestly, I'm reserving my opinion until I actually see it or try it out myself... I'm still a HUGE fan of Household Hacker, tho.

I did download the MP3s, however, and you can expect to hear the samples in a future Destroyed For Comfort song.

Shredz64 - A Guitar Hero-Style Game For The Commodore 64

At the end of the videos, the creator explains where to download the rom and how you can purchase the converter he developed to use a Playstation controller on a Commodore 64.

And there is also a reference to Zelda in the first video. Shweet! Maybe this blog should have a Zelda meter for how relevant posts are to Legend Of Zelda...

David Byrne Turns Building Into Live Ambient Instrument

Utilizing an organ he purchased second-hand, David Byrne has created within the Battery Maritime Building (utilizing dozens of compressors, motors, and solenoids wired throughout the building) an interactive, site-specific musical performance installation/instrument, where the organ actually mechanically synthesizes old-building ambient sound by vibrating the girders, striking pipes and radiators, and blowing air through the plumbing. The project is calledPlaying The Building and it is currently open to the public until August 24, 2008.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Epic Fail.

I wanted to secure the URL, but apparently that URL was already taken. Eight years ago. And not used. For eight years.

Hey, I still own one of the coolest URL names in existence. I can't complain if the universe doesn't allot me another cool one.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh Man, Would That Be Terrible.

From Cracked Magazine. Click on pic to see full article.

Pac Nicholson

Click on the image to see it with sound. There is some Aphex goin on, which is great.

8-bit Version Of The Video From The Ring/Ringu

Wicked cool, and more than a bit spooky. Click on the pic to see it with sound, of course.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Happy Saturday!

And yes, that is Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) announcing "It's Saturday Supercade!"

"Gimme An Atari 2600, and EVERYTHING That Comes With It!"

Last Day Of A Commodore Amiga Factory - April 27, 1994

A Commodore employee taking his camera and recording his last day on the job. Poignant.

WTF Is Going On Here?

I recognize Hatsume Miku, but... um... WTF?

This one has words, that may help someone other than me.

And I can only assume this is the sequel...

Man, this stuff is weird.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones fooling around with a Fairlight CMI

Insanely Thorough (And Maybe Thoroughly Insane) Blog About Steven King's "The Shining".

I'll have to admit, after reading the first post, I became obsessed with this blog. It points out timecodes, repeated and altered images and numbers, and differences between the movie and book that may actually have been intentional. That kind of stuff always catches my attention.

It's really cool, but then gets weird really quickly.

Unfortunately, the synopsis the author comes to totally lost me. I won't ruin the surprise, but when he revealed what he believed the whole movie comes down to, the whole point Stanley Kubrik was supposedly trying to convey, I felt dejected and a little silly.

Those that know me in real life (or at least on Myspace) may have already read my blog which opens with an imaginary dialectic with this guy.

Just to warn ya, some of the images are NSFW.

List Of Premature Obituaries (Wikipedia)

A very long (yet still incomplete) list of all celebrities whose deaths were prematurely reported in the (sometimes major) news media of the time period. The above is the CNN website's obit of Dick Cheney, identifying him as the "UK's favorite grandmother".

The things you don't find out about people until after they're gone...

The Goblin King Grants Milton A Stapler

Oldie but goodie. Click on the image to see it with sound.

Not Cool, Homestar.

Homestar + NEDM = Dork-Core.

Click on the pic to see it with sound.

Too Awesome For Words.

(I'm withholding any introduction to not ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn't seen this video before. Trust me, it's awesome.)

Butch Deadlift! Flint Ironstag! Blast Hardcheese! Crunch Buttsteak!

Classic MST3K.

A Photographic Study Of Myspace

This profile is practically a work of art. I can't imagine how much work this guy put into it, scouring the inter-tubes and collecting tragically bad tattoos, depressing Glamour shots, and WAY too many guys with broadswords...

Good times.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Joe Is Dead.

A super-cool scene from "Clash At Demonhead", the coolest game made for any video game system EVAR.

Legend Of Zelda Theme On Theremin

OK, so I'm on a bit of a Zelda kick lately. But this is a really cool video.

Difference Between Japanese And English "Zelda II: Adventure Of Link"

This cool video shows 12 major differences between the Japanese and English versions of "Legend Of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link". It shows Japanese footage first and then English footage (in order of release date)

1) The elevator speeds are drastically different.
2) Battle music for bosses is different and notice the Japanese boss roars.
3) No Gannon in the Japanese game over, just roaring.
4) Only one head comes of in the Japanese version, and the helmet clanks on the ground in the US version.
5) Clean-Up of the way this boss dies.
6) In the US version, these creatures can only be killed by fire.
7) In the Japanese version, the lost child is in a cage.
8) The sound effects for talking and magic are very different. Plus the Japanese wizard has no animation.
9) The wizard boss looks very different.
10) Gooma is missing in the Japanese version; instead you fight Helmet guy again.
11) Japanese- Horseguy guards the false wall in Temple 5 - English- Horseguy removed and now just normal blue Ironknuckle.
12) The dragon boss Barba is totally different in both games, and the Japanese version roars.

Video Of A Glitching Broken NES "Legend Of Zelda" That Looks Atari-Like

The video is pretty neat, but listening to these two guys talk is VERY LIKELY (not just maybe) the dorkiest thing you'll experience today.

"Manhunter: San Francisco" Authentic Sierra Online Promotional Trailer, 1989

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teenager Makes Fun Video For School, MTV Threatens To Sue.

So this cat was apparently 16 in 1995, which would make him my brother's age. This video was made on an Amiga 500, by the way.

Now that I think of it, I wonder where this cat went to school. He was in a Computer Graphics course his sophmore year of high school, working with Amiga 500s? My senior year of high school (the same year), I was writing dumbass Visual Basic programs on a 386 with a 16 color screen in THE MOST ADVANCED COMPUTER COURSE MY HIGH SCHOOL HAD AVAILABLE!

Dammit, it sucks being white trash.

Out-take from documentary "The 8-Bit Philosophy"

Currently in the middle of watching a sneak-peak of this documentary sent to me by a friend involved (not-posting it here... sorry). Here's the trailer again, tho.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Big Ideas:Don't Get Any" - Radiohead "Nude" Remix By James Houston

This cool remix involves a complete rebuild of the song with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a dot-matrix printer, a scanner and a matrix of hard drives.

Women Of The Future Will Make The Moon A Cleaner Place To Live

From Boing Boing. Click on the pic to see full article.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Weird Dreams" for the Amiga 2000 - Full-Game Longplay Video

It is incredibly tragic that with all the technology that video game systems possess, there hasn't been more games with this much imagination involved. This game is truly gorgeous, and it is almost 20 years old!

Check out the stage that kicks in at the 5 minute mark! The music, the concept... There is nothing about it that is not just amazing.

Tunnels Of Doom - 'Rogue' Style game for TI-99 4A

I'm obsessed with early "Rogue" style games. If you are unfamiliar with the genre, check back with me. I may do a post specifically about "Rogue" games someday soon.

"FIODA" - Un-modified But Broken Speak-And-Spell

Cock A Doodle Doo! BZZZZT!

Sorry, but this is ENDLESSLY funny!

"This Should Be Hung Up In Schools!"

That was the opinion expressed by my friend Brandon Adkins, co-founder of the now defunct Lucid Comics, regarding this Cracked photoshop.

Click the pic to see the article it's from.

Will A Cacodemon Blend?

This is the video that inspired this site.

I don't even remember what I was looking for in the first place. Next thing I know, I'm watching this video. And I realize I am really watching a video about attempting to pulverize a Cacodemon from Doom in a blender. And I think to myself, "This has got to be the dorkiest thing I've seen all day!"

The rest is history.