Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sleepeh Dog.

God Hates...

Ricky Gervais And Elmo.

"Get off Elmo!"

Hitler Finds Out About New Watchmen Ending.

EDIT (05/01/2010): This video was one of the videos purged when Constantin Film did a mass-DMCA takedown on Youtube for "Downfall" parody videos. I'd try to chase it down again, but meh. It's not all that funny in hindsight.

To Squid Or Not To Squid.

Here is a article on Cinemablend debating the ending of the Watchmen graphic novel vs. that of the movie (SPOILER! Duh). To squid or not to squid.

Did anyone notice the name of the device utilized in the movie was called a Sub QUantum Intrinsic Device?

BONUS: Here is a cute site that sums up the plot of the Watchmen graphic novel in a fake Facebook thread.