Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apparently *I* Have More Youtube Presence Than This Souleye Feller.

So I was genuinely curious about what this Souleye cat was all about, not the least because I still harbor a massive unrequited crush on Alanis Morissette that goes back to the You Can't Do That On Television days.

A quick search on Youtube reveals some poorly recorded live footage from 2 years ago or more... and the video I chose to include which has just about nothing to do with him, I think.

Any fans of his out there that know where to find some decent footage of him that might impress me, feel free to include links in the comments. Thanks!

With Style

This makes me think of that scene in Fight Club with the replaced airline instructions. Reblogged from Geekosystem's Geekolinks. Also, here's an article on there of Steven Slater tributes.

God's Number Is 20.

Using 35 years of CPU time donated by Google, researchers have finally determined conclusively that there is no position on a Rubik's cube that requires more than 20 moves to solve. Here you can find the data and a timeline of the research.

Why Is Sven Hoek Funny?

I remember hearing about the Ren and Stimpy episode "Sven Hoek" secondhand when I was in high school. Didn't catch it while it was on the air, but I remember having a visceral reaction to the name. It just sounded so funny to me, and I couldn't explain why.

On John Kricfalusi's blog a while back, he took some time to meditate on stereotypes in general and possible reasons why noone complained when he made about his funny little Nordic cartoon pal.