Friday, March 27, 2009

WTF Is Going On Here? - Part 5

This is a first. This is the first "WTF" video not from Japan, and it's...

Totally awesome. I am completely bewildered.

eBay's Guide To Finding And Trading Asbestos Items.

By the way guys, just got an article accepted by Cracked. Been throwing pitches left and right, and finally got one to stick.

Just wanted to share something odd I came across in my research for one of my other pitches. Here is eBay's guide to finding and trading antique household items that were made from asbestos; including irons, hot pads, poker chips, books(!), modeling clay(!!), and even cigarrette filters(!!!). Cause if there's anything you want to protect your from lungs and sensitive tissues from cigarette smoke, it's a bundle of asbestos fibers.

Fun fact: The snow that fell during the poppy scene during The Wizard of Oz was pure asbestos fiber. In hindsight, Buddy Ebsen was probably lucky the worst he faced on the set was inhaling tin powder.


Man, do I love Nedroid.

Local Polish Man Demands More Value in Anti-Christ

Seriously.. i've had quite enough hearsay and conspiracies about Mr. O-Bomb being the anti-christ. Personally, i'd be a bit disappointed knowing he was our supposed end-all... C'est la vie though, right?

This evening i had the pleasure of deleting well over 400 e-mail from my gmail account. While it was a grueling task i did happen to stumble on some old pictures, old intraweb gems and ran-dumb links. Since i've been currently looking for more inspiration it ended up being a pretty cathartic night.

Feeling a bit dark? Although the engine is currently undergoing some upgrades (or some such nonsense) hone your black arts or grab some fishnets with Googoth. "The search engine with real bat chunks in it."

If you're looking for something to help you in those debates on the drag with those wonder-twit scientologists.. well.. Here's a good start courtesy of Hubbard's son himself...

The folks at Dewanatron Electronics surely make some fine instruments... Seriously dig around and watch the vid's...

And after all said and done... because i'mma slacker and don't feel like writing out my feelings considering i've been procrastinating on design work (always an excellent excuse!)... i leave you with the BEST music video ever...



-riTch N